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Drying process for mangoes

For drying, the mangoes are picked ripe or made ripe in ripening rooms with Ethylene. Fruit that are not too sweet are chosen for export of dried mangoes. The local market prefers sweeter and more colourful dried mangoes.

For the drying process the mangoes are peeled and cut in 1.5 cm long slices.  The slices are dipped in a preservative and placed on racks/shelves on special trolleys, which are placed into the drying tunnels. The drying process in the tunnels takes about 14 hours.

Fruits are dried at a temperature of about 57ºC. For the drying process several fans are used in the drying tunnel. Air is blown over electrical elements where it is heated up. As the drying process progresses, moist air is extracted out of the tunnel and replaced by dry air. The drying process happens in several phases. For every kilogram of dried mangoes 13 kg of fresh fruit is needed.

The fruits are dried to a moisture content of about 22%; then they are ready for packing.

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